01/06/2020 – 07/06/2020 Gabriele Severini – Ashtanga Retreat


Defined as "the art of breathing". It is the fourth stage of Yoga according to the Patañjali's Yogasutras. This Sanskrit term is composed of two words: prana and ayama.


the art of stillness in asanas. It is a simple and slow rhythm practice that acts on the deep connective tissue of the body by maintaining some positions from 5 to 7 minutes.


Through this technique we learn the correspondence between the different emotions and some points of the body (initial and terminal points of the energy meridians)


Dynamic practice suitable for everyone, particularly suitable for rediscovering concentration, balance and physical fitness. The rhythm is dictated by the practitioner's breathing. Vinyasa is a form of dynamic yoga that instead of having the positions executed in a simple succession, connects them in a flow.


The 6 exercises practiced by everyone, stretch a pair of meridians at a time, following the rhythm that the energy runs through our body throughout the day, resulting in the release of Ki (energy) and release of tensions.


Through the use of twisting Asanas and Mudra ("Seal" and asana with the hands) with this deep technique we help to cleanse, detoxify our intestines and our liver for a better quality of life.


A very challenging and dynamic style that combines correct breathing (Ujjayi), Asanas, breath synchronized to movement (Vinyasa), direction of gaze (Drishti) and activation of Bandhas. With this combination you get infinite benefits.


It's a sweet and gentle style of yoga, which prepares for simple postures, at a slow pace in harmony with the breath.


Practice that is used to achieve greater mastery of the activities of the mind, so that it stops its usual background buzz (Yoga Chitta Vritti Nirodha)


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