Sardinia Yoga Shala was created in the spirit of union, inspiring the common desire for love, peace and the will to do good in a context rich in creative energy, where the five natural elements harmonize perfectly with the five senses. We meet to share simple, special and unique experiences, being as we are the same. Our creed is to help each other discover each other's inner resources, through the deep integration of body, mind and spirit, respecting and in harmony with the environment that surrounds us.

Our mission is to teach and disseminate the art and science of yoga in a complete and careful way, working daily on the personal evolutionary journey to be of help to ourselves and to all the souls that surround us.

Chiara Lucia Gobbi
My spiritual journey began at birth ...I was born on Sunday the 17th of July, 1977 (7 is considered an esoteric number). During my childhood I had the opportunity to approach Eastern disciplines thanks to my paternal grandfather, who was enthusiastic about spirituality and esotericism. Lying on his pranotherapy cot in his vishuddha colored study, which smelled of oil 31, I observed with interest his books about Chakra and meridians and his biographies of Sathya Sai Baba, Paramahansa Yogananda, and Jiddu Krishnamurti, and the large painting of Osho who would watch down on us lovingly from above the fireplace. I spent my adolescence between studies of art and love for horses. After several years working in my father's office I was once again attracted to spirituality and I began a five year course in Eastern Psychology, where I learned the basics of Raja yoga and meditation. I graduated with honors in social psychology presenting an experimental thesis about Mindfulness where I attempted to combine what I had learned from both the orient and the western world. After this I made various trips to India and Bali where I had the opportunity to work with international Masters. Thanks to my partner Daniele in 2011 I decided to add on the more physical aspect of the study of Asana so in recent years I was able to achieve the certification 500 ryt yoga Alliance at the Shiva yoga peeth in Rishikesh, India. I live with Daniele, our son Diego and our dog Snoopy in the beautiful Sardinian countryside and this contact with Mother Earth is a constant inspiration to go in the right direction. My soul sisters Lucia and Arianna and I founded the Sardinia yoga Shala with the intention of creating an international center where we can all acquire knowledge and skills for mutual improvement. I believe in the goodness, the beauty and in the divine sparks present in every human being. 🌻namastè🌻

Lucia Paolucci
I was born in the 60s, in an Italian town in the province of Rome. I rode the wave of "California dreaming", going to study psychology in the United States at the age of 18. I became a psychologist and psychotherapist in Italy at a time when these professional figures were not yet recognized but were on the other hand considered by most people to be more like wizards and sorcerers. I decided, starting from when I was very young, to cultivate in myself, a peculiar sense of belonging to the world of the "curious", of counter current swimmers, of rebels, widely defined at the time as nonconformists and transgressors. I have always preferred to look beyond the "the hedge", in order to understand what is on the other side, and, by nature, to never give into the seduction of what is too easy and within reach. An ever present curiosity for human nature inextricably united with a profound, innate empathy and with a strong sense of justice, have characterized both my professional and my private life. I live by the sea, I love animals, nature and especially Sardinia ; I'm vegan, an aunt, a sister, a friend and much more ... looking back, sometimes, I think I have lived 10 lives! I approached yoga 6 years ago, "by chance" and with a veil of scepticism thinking, incorrectly, that yoga was "stuff for lazy people", while I was still rushing and fighting to"change the world". However, day after day, practice after practice, I began to understand, at a deeper level, that yoga is a lifestyle and as such, it transforms your life, enveloping you through everything you say, do and belong, in your body, your mind and your soul. Now I know that I will change the world beginning with me, without struggling and without rebelling but, surrendering, actively and calmly, to the natural order of events. Bringing life to Sardinia yoga Shala means, for me and my fellow “travelers” (Arianna, Lucia, Daniele), divulging this new awareness of love, of beauty, of welcoming and of consistency, through the simple and ancient rule of the "good example".

Daniele Cubattoli
I took my first steps in the world of yoga in 2004 completely unaware of what I was doing, only knowing that I liked it, and so, for years, off and on, I dedicated myself to this wonderful world. Seven years ago, thanks to my companion Lucia, I also discovered the charm and the strength of meditation. Now for the last two years I have been practicing ashtanga every day, undertaking a deep, difficult and fascinating introspective journey aimed at spiritual growth and breaking down limits. Recently I completed yoga teacher training at Shiva yoga peeth in Rishikesh, India. I think the dedication to this wonderful discipline can help each person ... I live in Sardinia near the Emerald Coast with Lucia and Diego and Snoopy trying to devote as much time as possible to this commitment of study and meditation that will last a lifetime. I am a teacher of the Italian Sailing Federation, in love with life stories and with nature. My slogan? Walk gently on earth, be nice to people and respect the sea.

Arianna Paolucci
Rome is my city, Sardinia my homeland. Since I was a child, I have always been attracted by something that goes beyond the material world. Right from the beginning I made an agreement with mother nature, that I love immensely, creating a contact of respect for every form of energy. A strong creative sensitivity led me to the passion for music and singing, the art of hospitality and cooking, herbal usage and gardening. Along the road, ( I became a mom 25 years ago), I tried to get to know myself better. After years of psychotherapy, bioenergetics and Meridian studies, I arrived at yoga. I experienced, practicing constantly, an extraordinary sensation of physical, psychic, and energetic well being. I have shared great emotions with my sister Lucia and my dear friends Lucia and Daniele, and guided by a harmonious flow of events, we have created the Sardinia yoga Shala. My success comes from helping us to be happy. With the help of love and yoga discipline, the best is yet to come.


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